MAME online: Live Arcade & Console Gaming. Co-op or battle fellow gamers right now.
M En R6 Would you like to play your favourite retro games online with or against your friends, or even battle it out with other retro gamers worldwide? Now you can with the biggest online arcade ever invented, MAMEHub.

MAMEHub project goals:

- to keep retro games alive (from 70's to N64/PSX era)
- multiplayer retro gaming over Internet
- have biggest cross-platform live social gathering possible

Developers and gamers out there, let's make it happen. It's up to you!

Currently Supports: Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Android if developer out there interested in supporting it)

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Note: if your a Java developer able to assist us in any way, please contact us via Facebook